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This Greenstone Landscape Design patio was constructed with many functional and esthetically pleasing hardscape features. Starting from the left, Greenstone constructed a retaining wall step that created a solid border to the patio while also allowing the patio to be raised up and constructed with one main paver brick patio level. The retaining wall step begins at the home, and turns in toward the beautiful freestanding wall and column.

The concrete paver brick pattern of the patio is the muster K. This pattern creates a random, but  uniform look to the patio. The most important features of a patio are the ones that the eye can not discern, but their importance must not be overlooked! 

To create a sound patio the builder must construct a sound foundation. Underneath the paver bricks  lye over 100,000 pounds of compacted road base, graded to a perfect slope, allowing the patio to stand the test of time and the water to safely drain away from the home.

Notice the landing in front of the main patio. Greenstone Landscape Design added this landing the following year after Greenstone designed and built the main patio area. Notice how the landing blends seamlessly into the original patio design. 

Constructed with two types of concrete products, the landings intended purpose was to reduce the overall height of the step on the raised portion of the patio allowing easier access for the disabled and elderly. 

Greenstone Landscape Design constructed the border with Bedford retaining wall block, which is the same retaining wall block used in the creation of the column and seating area in the center of the patio.

The retaining wall step which allows easy access to the home is 35 feet long with inlayed brick set within the step. Retaining wall products can be used for many other purposes other than just holding back a slopes. In this instance we used the Allen Block wall product in building a step and landing that run the length of the upper concrete porch. 


Greenstone designed and built this free standing wall, and column to break up the overall size of the patio and add a vertical interest to the look of the hardscape. These walls and columns also serve the functional purpose of adding extra seating, and also display potted plants during the summer months. 

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